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Waltraud Nikkel  MCSRI, RCRT, RN (Germany)

Waltraud Nikkel is a Certified Reflexologist trained in a wide range of reflexology treatments. With more than 20 years experience, she believes the essence of reflexology is about restoring, supporting and maintaining wellness in the body. As a result, her practice philosophy is focused on employing the most advanced therapeutic reflexology techniques while grounding her approach in her clinical training as a medical professional.

During her preparation to practice reflexology, Waltraud sought out the most respected reflexology practitioners for training and mentoring. As a result she was taught by world-leading reflexologists including Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson (England), the originator of cranio-sacral reflexology therapy; Hanne Marquardt (Germany), a leading global expert in reflexotherapy; Angela Sellens Drake (England), instructor for facial reflexology; Dr.Manzanares M.D. (Spain) and Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen (Denmark), both world renowned authorities in reflexology.

In 2018  Waltraud earned her Diploma in Nerve Reflexology in 2018 under Nico Pauly (Belgium).

Previous to her reflexology training, Waltraud practiced as a registered nurse in her home country of Germany. This medical foundation ensures her approach to reflexology is firmly grounded in evidence-based outcomes and the best practices available within the field of reflexology today. Her practice is in constant advancement as she develops individualized treatment plans for her clients and continues to advance her skills through continuing education in North America and Europe.


  • Cranio-Sacral Reflexology
  • Facial Reflexology, Sorensensiten tm
  • Nerve Point Reflexology

Marie Nikkel is a trained reflexology practitioner. She received her certification from the HCP Reflexology Institute in September 2016 and is continuing her training in advanced reflexology therapies. She is offering evening appointments at a discounted rate of $30.

About Reflexology

Reflexology treats the body as a whole: restoring balance and equilibrium while reducing stress.

Because reflexology is a non-invasive treatment, sensitive areas of the body can be activated to set the healing process into motion. Injured areas of the body can be too painful for treatment through direct contact. Reflexology accesses the injury through reflex points which increases circulation—leading the healing process from within.

Through supporting the wellness of the entire body, reflexology complements other courses of treatment including, but not limited to, chiropractic, therapeutic massage and physiotherapy. Patients may also seek reflexology to work cooperatively with naturopathic, homeopathic as well as traditional and conventional medical treatments as it bolsters the body’s ability to benefit from other healing modalities.

How does reflexology work?

Reflexology works on a correlation principle:

  • The entire human body is represented by correlating reflex points on the other areas of the body, such as the face, feet or hands.
  • Working these reflex points stimulates corresponding parts of the body.
  • The corresponding parts of the body then experience change and healing

Reflexology used a specific methodology called “touch palpitation.” Touch palpation is a gentle examination that is used to determine the condition of the body and guide the practitioner in his or her treatment planning. A skilled practitioner will use pressure points, massage techniques, gentle touch and manipulation to restore balance to the body.

Reflexology benefits

Everyone can benefit from reflexology: from infants to children, adults to elderly. Reflexology promotes healing from within and seeks to address the core issues underlying many illnesses, such as stress and chronic conditions.  As a mother or four children and former registered nurse, Waltraud enjoys working even with very young children because she has seen the changes before and after treatment with a wide range of concerns. Parents report that pediatric clients truly enjoy treatment, not only due to the comfortable, non-threatening environment, but also because the children can feel the improvement.

Our Clinic

Our clinic is conveniently located in Abbotsford on Townshipline Road. Below are some pictures of our home-based clinic.

Patient Testimonials

I would highly recommend Advanced Reflexology! I went to try to get some relief from concussion symptoms and back/neck pain from a car accident. I had already been trying physio therapy and massage therapy which gave me some relief. But I was blown away by how much relief I had after just 1 reflexology treatment. Waltraud is so knowledgeable and pleasant. After just 1 session I had way less concussion symptoms and after 2 sessions the headaches were totally gone. There was 1 time that I went in with back spasms and within a few minutes of having my feet worked on I had total relief from the pain. I wish I had known about reflexology years ago! Jeanie

I have been going to Advanced Reflexology for many years, with several different issues. I enjoy the treatment, and feel a 100 percent better, more relaxed and able to focus.
Waltraud understands and explains the different procedures, and pressure points, to achieve good results . She has amazing talent, and would recommend her to anyone. The results for me have been beyond words, not only physically, but also mentally,
Waltraud is professional, Compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable in what she does.Heather

I went in as a skeptic, but very shortly how healthy I started to feel left me a believer. Getting treated at Advanced Reflexology has had a noticeable positive impact on how my body feels and performs. After only my first 3 treatments I could already feel the difference, and it has only progressed better. After almost a decade of ongoing aches and pains, my neck & shoulders are finally feeling great again and knees are performing much better. The added bonus is that the treatments have helped me sleep better which in turn has helped my whole disposition. So, yes, a skeptic to a happy and healthy convert. Don

I can happily give my heartfelt recommendation to the warmth and welcome that you find here at Advanced Reflexology! I have felt cared-for and prioritized in my visits and see the impact that Waltraud’s work has had on my work and life. Since beginning treatment with Waltraud, my body feels better prepared to handle both physical and emotional stress, I have greater overall wellness, and am more capable and energetic than I have been in a long time! The atmosphere here is inviting and professional and Waltraud is both kind and knowledgeable. Her approach to holistic health is grounded in medical training, and I am confident in the integration of all her gifts and skills. I am truly grateful for her practice and personal care and the impact it has had upon my life.Veronica

I was suffering from severe foot pain for a year and a half. A friend of mine suggested seeing Waltraud as some of her family members had had success with her curing their ailments. I was not expecting much but was willing to try. After the session my feet felt better than they had in well over a year. I followed up a week later and my hip pain had disappeared.
It has taken a few treatments a month apart but my feet feel great now. I did not think the pain was curable and I am so happy to be able to walk properly again!Mia

My name is Steve, I am a 44 year old male that had quite a severe heart attack in the beginning of March. Talking with Waltraud, she suggested I try reflexology with her. She told me that it did not promise to deliver anything but at the minimum, the relaxation of the hour would be good for me. I started to see her once a week or so and right off the start I noticed that it helped my breathing significantly and started to relax my inner chest. I was having trouble sleeping because my heart felt like I constantly had to remind it to pump and my breathing was very shallow with a hint of liquid in my lungs, causing a gurgle when I was resting which in turn, would not allow for a restful night’s sleep. Every time I would have a session with Waltraud, I would notice a slight improvement. First my gurgle disappeared after my third session, allowing me to sleep at night and during my fifth or sixth session I felt a huge weight lift from my chest and from that day on my heart felt like it was back on autopilot, my breathing became less work and my gurgle totally disappeared. To be honest with you, I was not a beleiver in reflexology at the beginning, putting it more in the self pampering category, but after my experience with the issues I had after my heart attack, I truly believe that it has helped me tremendously and I would recommend it to all.Steve

Our daughter has been receiving reflexology treatments from Waltraud since she was a few weeks old. Amy was born with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy and the initial prognosis did not hold promise that she might be able to walk. With reflexology as part of her therapy regime Amy is now a teenager that walks, jumps and has very minimal physical limitations. She continues to get reflexology treatments which helps with muscle tightness on her left side. She finds the treatments very relaxing and loves going to see Waltraud! Waltraud is a very gifted and educated in what she does and we would highly recommend her.Dave and Joyce Verwoerd

My son Aidan is hard of hearing and after a minor trauma he has lost more hearing. I read about reflexology and the holistic approach it takes and thought I would try. My son’s hearing improved and I truly feel the reflexology was the answer, I feel there is so much to learn about it and the power it has to heal. I know it helped us!Julie

After struggling with Planters Fasciitis for 15 months, I finally broke down and against my MD’s professional opinion, sought out a Reflexologist…remembering that a colleague had used one, I sought a referral. I cannot begin to tell you how much Waltraud has helped me. I had noticeable relief after the first treatment! With weekly treatments my feet got better and better, I am now on a 2-week maintenance schedule (my choice) and am nearly back to normal! I cannot believe I struggled for so long and put up with so much pain! What was I thinking? Why didn’t I do something sooner??! Hindsight, gotta hate it!

For those sceptics out there, (and I was one too), you simply must see Waltraud, she is amazing and remember this; not all Reflexologists are the same, with Waltraud’s German nursing background along with her training in Cranio-Sacral, Facial and Nerve Point Reflexology, she has a wealth of knowledge and unprecedented skillset, this comes from years and years of training, hard work and experience, if you are looking for the best, then look no further, book an appointment with Waltraud today!

Thank you so much Waltraud for everything you have done, I appreciate all your advice and for…well, just you being you. You are the best and you have changed my life! (Literally!).Gary Skipp

In the spring of 2010 my late husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer of the blood. He was given a prognosis of 2 to 3 years and almost from the beginning Waltraud Nikkel performed reflexology on him weekly. This was something that he very much looked forward to because of how these treatments made him feel. My husband died 2 ½ years after he was first diagnosed, just as they had predicted. But in that time his quality of life was very good; he worked up until 6 weeks before he died and he had a very positive attitude. His side effects to the chemotherapy treatment that he was almost constantly on were minimal. I attribute much of this to the reflexology treatments. I know they also helped him to sleep better and to better emotionally cope with the anxiety and stress that having this terminal cancer gave him.Teresa



Effective October 22, 2019
Adult session last approximately 45-60 minutes
Children (under 10)
Youth (10 -16)

Appointments with Waltraud are listed above. Appointments with Marie Nikkel are discounted to $25 for the remainder of 2016.

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